Tasty and healthy Ragu sauce

Dairy free

Dairy-Free Ragu sauce with wholewheat pasta
Dairy-free ragu with wholewheat pasta

A classic, enhanced with lots of fresh herbs if you have them. Quite simply a nourishing family dish, great served with wholewheat spaghetti or pasta twists or penne whatever you have in the cupboard but make it wholewheat, the sauce binds deliciously to the pasta and you get the added benefit of magnesium and other minerals.


2 sticks celery (approx. 150g)

2 small onions (approx. 150g)

2 garlic cloves

2 small carrots (approx. 150g)

8 small mushrooms ( approx. 130g)

400g organic lean mince beef

200ml rich beef stock

60ml good red wine (or a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar)

1 Tablespoon tomato puree

1 Tin of chopped tomatoes

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 large bay leaf

a sprig of rosemary, leave it whole (or ¼ teaspoon dry)

large handful of chopped fresh marjoram (or 1 teaspoon dry oregano)

15 fresh basil leaves (or 1 teaspoon of dry basil)

1 teaspoon fresh thyme or small sprinkle of dry.


Serve with wholewheat pasta –allow 100g per person.


1) Finely chop all the vegetables and put in a large cold saucepan.

2) Turn on the heat and immediately add the olive oil. Stir it all up so that the vegetables are coated by the oil. Wait until it starts to sizzle and then turn down the heat and cook gently for approx. 10 minutes until soft but not brown.

3)Turn up the heat and add the beef. Stirring constantly, Cook until browned.

4) Add the wine or the balsamic vinegar and cook for a few minutes to cook away the alcohol.

5) Stir in the tomato puree

6) Add the stock, tinned tomatoes and add the fresh herbs. (If using the fresh rosemary leave it whole and take it out at the end of cooking)

7) Sprinkle a little salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

8) Mix all together and bring to the boil then put on the lid and turn down the heat to a gentle simmer.

9) Cook gently for at least 45 minutes, pick out the rosemary and the bay leaves, check the seasoning and serve with cooked wholewheat pasta.  Enjoy!

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